a lot to say & none if it worth anybody's time

70's fashion, acceptance (not the band), andy warhol, apple computers, asian food, autumn, beat poetry, beer, being barefoot, black rebel motorcycle club, bob dylan, books, breakfast, cabins, california, camping, canoeing, casa bonita, cheap shit, chocolate, christmas, cigarettes, cities, clean sheets, cloves, coffee, coffee houses, colfax, colors, concerts, conor oberst, cooking & baking, crunchy leaves, culture, cultures, denver, downtown, dresses, drive-in movies, eccentrics, emoting, evening time, everyone, eyes, faces, fishing, flip-flops, flowers, folk music, fountains, freak folk, friends, halloween, hippies, hugs, imagining, incense, indie, islands, jack white, jeans that fit, jenny lewis, kings of leon, kisses, kittens, lakes, late night cigarette runs, late night drives, late nights, laughing, led zep, lemonade, liberals, lips, literature classes, long drives with kol, love, mangoes, marijuana, medicine, mirrors, mixes, moccasins, mojitos, mountains, music, my acoustic guitar, my best friends, my parents, napping, old cars, outgoing people, paris, park benches, peace, people, peoples handwriting, picnics, piercings, pools, porches, possibilities, pre-gaming it, psychology, quirky people, radiohead, rain, rainbows, red rocks, red wine, rock island, rooftops, s'mores, sharing music, shows, siblings, simplicity, sleeping in, spanish, summer, sunglasses, sunny days, sunrise, sunset, sunshine, sushi, t. rex, tall buildings, tattoos!, tea, the 60's, the backseat, the beach, the beatles, the black angels, the first snow, the moon, the mountains, the ocean, the office, the ogden, thrift stores, used stores, vanilla, vintage clothing, vinyl, war is over!